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My Story

I wasted so much time waiting 

Waiting for a break.

Waiting for him to get home

Waiting for summer.

Waiting for him to change

Waiting for adventure

Waiting for my body to shrink or strengthen.

Waiting for someone to save me.

Waiting for abundance.

Waiting for time to write

Waiting for tomorrow to “start”

Waiting for my higher-self to show up

Waiting to leave. 

Waiting for love.


After my stroke, the waiting stopped.

It became time.

Time to face, but was stopping me.

And so my journey to the NOW arrived.

I found meditation

I found pain and fear

I found healing

I found movement

I found embodiment

My divine feminine

I found breath work

I found time

I found creativity

I found spirit

I found myself

I found all the colors in the trees

I found the flavor of my meals

I found the texture of my clothes

I found the scent of the masculine

I found hummingbirds

I found joy

I found audacity 

I found stillness

I found my words

I found me


And it is in this place that I have the audacity to leave, go, quit, start, create, rest, play, and receive. 


And it became clear that YOU were meant to come with me.

And so I shine my light here for you. 

From the other side of the tunnel.

It’s time to stop waiting.

Have the audacity to come back to YOU. 

Are you done waiting?

Please fill out this interest form to join the waiting list for the next workshop!



Please fill out this interest form to join the waiting list for the next workshop!

"I can't even begin to tell you all what a difference the last two weeks have made. I can't even like pinpoint. I mean maybe when I'm looking back I'll be able to journal and see the unfolding but the last two weeks have already made such a difference in just jumping in. I used to have a perfectionist mind even with art and had to have everything just right and I've been just going for it and just trusting my feeling and if it comes and I don't care if it's 10 o'clock at night. I know and I trust myself that I'm to stop which I did. So thank you all. It’s been the the last two weeks and just the manifesting in my life."

Alexa Young, CA

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Awe-dacity PODCAST

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I am a collector of courage! I want to share stories of the audacity to love, leave, lead and take leaps of faith. I have had the audacity to leave a marriage, quit a job, sell my art, start a business, buy magenta glasses, and start this very podcast, to name a few. Maybe you asked for help, told someone no, spent money on YOU. Maybe you hiked a mountain, got a tattoo, took up tap dancing, dyed your hair purple. I want to hear it all! My hope is to empower listeners to see this beautifully worn path of bravery. Let it be a tenacity tour of possibility. A gumption guide back to yourselves.

*It would make me smile so big to have you follow, rate and review my podcast to help me spread this message! Thank you! 

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